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URGENT ALERT Sent Out After Mom Is Paralyzed From Common Snack She Got At Gas Station – This Could Happen To Anyone

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A loving mother of three went from eating gooey nacho cheese on Doritos to laying in a stiff hospital bed in the intensive care unit. She was becoming paralyzed as a result of eating that wicked combination. She could not speak to her family to explain what was going on. She was unable to open her eyes to see her family suffering as they had no clue what was going on with their loving mother.

She became super tired, eventually had double vision, vomiting became a hobby, and it was super hard to breathe. What kind of horrible poison was in those chips or cheese?

The answer? Suspected case of botulism. In fact, there’s at least five ongoing cases in California right now, all thanks to eating at the very same gas station where someone possibly made a terrible mistake. Or was the mistake made at the chip or cheese factory? We’re not really sure where the botulinum toxin formed, but we know it’s a really bad thing to suffer through. Let’s be thankful that it’s not an everyday thing that breaks out in mass numbers.

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Lavinia Kelly went from being a busy, happy mother of three to a partially paralyzed hospital patient after putting nacho cheese on her Doritos at a gas station, family members say. The Sacramento resident, who turned 33 on Wednesday, is one of at least five confirmed cases of botulism involving people who had eaten at Valley Oak Food and Fuel in Walnut Grove, with another four probable or suspected cases, the Sacramento Bee reports. All nine are still being treated at area hospitals. According to a lawsuit filed this week, Kelly, who became ill within hours of eating the cheese on April 21, remains in the hospital in intensive care, unable to speak or even open her eyes on her own, Food Safety News reports.

This is the type of thing that makes me wary to eat at gas stations. The sad part is that the gas stations near me have some really good sandwiches. However, I’ve always been weary of that nasty cheese machine next to the nachos. It also has a fake chili on the same machine. There’s no way this food is fresh or real. It’s probably the most fake food you can find. Heavily processed nonsense that we so often love when we’re in the mood for a quick snack that would break every nutrition rule in the book.

Relatives say Kelly’s symptoms started with fatigue and progressed to double vision, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. “We just don’t understand why this happened over a bag of chips and nacho cheese,” partner Ricky Torres tells the Bee. “Really? How does that happen?” Bruce Clark, an attorney specializing in food safety cases, is handling the family’s negligence lawsuit. He says “only human mistakes create the environment for botulinum toxin to form,” and those mistakes are thankfully rare: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent botulism report, only 15 of the 161 US botulism cases in 2014 were food-borne.

Everything about this sounds undesirable and terrible. Is it possible that people locate where exactly the botulinum toxin formed? Is it possible to track that? Can scientists trace the toxin to the source to ensure that it’s properly removed, cleaned, treated, or whatever it takes to help prevent this terrible thing from happening to someone else.

I know we shouldn’t eat that nasty nacho cheese from the machine, but that doesn’t mean we need to be paralyzed from eating it. Sure, we might gain a few pounds and ruin our BMI like a typical American who spends too much time on their phone or watching television, but that’s our choice. A bad choice, of course, but our choice nonetheless.

Hopefully the woman fully recovers so she can get back to being a mother to her children and spend quality time with her family. You can bet she probably won’t eat another lick of that rotten nacho cheese from the gas station again.

If she does, then she’s one daring mother! If she does, then that also means they probably cleaned the machine like it was a Presidential Limo getting detailed by professionals.

Perhaps we should all stick to the string cheese in a wrapper.


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