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ALERT: Pedophiles Are Using Drones to Lure Children From Playgrounds

pedophile drone

Authorities in Ohio have reports of a new method pedophiles are using to lure children away from their school yards, and it’s absolutely terrifying.

Akron Public Schools are now warning parents about a suspicious drone with voice simulation technology, that has reportedly been flying around playgrounds talking to children. What started out as a tool for fun and recreation, has now been developed into a tool which pedophiles are using to lure children away from their parents.

The drone was first spotted by a neighbor near the Windmere Community Learning Center in Akron, Ohio, but no evidence was salvaged. In response to this, public schools in Ohio have been warning parents about the potentially new threat to their children’s safety.

“If you are allowing your children to come to school to play in the evenings or on the weekends, please make sure that he/she is accompanied by an adult,” a letter sent out to families said. “I know that children playing at school would seem safe, but without adequate adult supervision, anything can happen.”

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Lois and Michael, who didn’t want their last name reported for privacy reasons, stated that they typically drop their sons off to play at the school every day. However two weeks ago, their two sons Gavin and Jacen, said they started seeing a small white drone flying around the playground.

“It keeps saying ‘hey’ until you reply,” Jacen said. The drone randomly showed up multiple times two weeks ago, but now its visits have become more common, reports the Akron Beacon Journal. One child even responded to the drone, and what it said next is terrifying.

The drone showed up sporadically above the playground multiple times two weeks ago. But last week, Gavin and Jacen said they saw the drone with their friends every day in the evening. Michael and Lois M. said they heard it, too.

Gavin and Jacen said their friends said “what” back to the drone, and the drone told them to follow it.

Michael M. said one of the children actually did. The child, one of Gavin’s and Jacen’s friends, started following the drone down the street to Dollar Tree, where the drone voice said it was going.

Michael M. said the child’s father happened to see him walking down the street and stopped the child before he got to Dollar Tree.

“Follow me,” the drone said. One of the children actually began to follow it, down the street to the Dollar Tree where it said it was going. Thankfully, the child’s father happened to see what was happening, and sprung into action, intercepting his child before he was lured in by a predator.

“He got lucky,” Michael said. “Who knows where he would be right now.” This incident was quickly reported to the school on Friday, and officials have not seen the drone since. Police have not received any reports regarding a suspicious drone as well.

Parents have been urged to contact authorities if they see a suspicious drone flying around a playground, talking with children. Unfortunately, every tool that can be used for good can also be used for evil, and in the world we live in today, pedophiles are taking every opportunity they can get to commit their specific kind of evil.

Please share this article of pedophiles using drones with family and friends—this is extremely important information and we don’t want any children being hurt on our watch. Thank you.


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